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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) | "Collective Voice of the Muslim World" | Israel a "terrorist state" | East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine

The fate of Jerusalem can not be left to a country that feeds on blood and expands its borders by savagely killing children, civilians and women.

At the opening of an extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Erdogan strongly denounced Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel"I urge countries defending international law and justice to recognize occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine," said the Turkish head of state.Israel is a state of occupation. Moreover, it is a terrorist state, "he also said, repeating that Jerusalem is "a red line".
With the decision made by US President Donald Trump, "Israel has been rewarded for all the terrorist activities it carries out. 
It was Trump who delivered this award, "said Erdogan, assuring that he will "never give up" to demanding a "sovereign and independent Palestine". The announcement of the US president on December 6 has caused almost unanimous reprobation in the world and angry demonstrations in several countries of the Middle East .
Current Chairman of the OIC, Erdogan hopes to unify the Muslim world behind his firm line against the US decision. But the task is difficult, as the Muslim world is deeply divided and several countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia, are trying to cultivate good relations with the Trump administration against the background of common hostility towards the country, Iran.

Abbas no longer accepts the role of the United States

In a speech in Istanbul, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Donald Trump of "offering Jerusalem as a gift to the Zionist movement" and said that the United States no longer has a role to play in the peace process. "Jerusalem is and will remain forever the capital of the State of Palestine. And there will be neither peace nor stability without it," added the Palestinian president.
"From now on, we do not accept any role of the United States in the political process," he added to the OIC representatives, saying that Washington was "biased". "There are laws applied to Israelis, and different laws applied to Palestinians.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tehreek-i-Labaik Yah Rasool Allah Pakistan | The challenge extends to Pakistan, the Army still silent

The dispute gained momentum Sunday in different cities of Pakistan after the failed release the eve of an Islamist sit-in at the gates of the capital, while the army seemed reluctant to intervene in the crisis.
By late afternoon, thousands of supporters had joined the ranks of protesters who have occupied for three weeks a highway bridge at the gates of Islamabad.
Some armed with sticks, clamoring slogans, block the streets connecting Islamabad to the nearby city of Rawalpindi, paralyzing traffic at the expense of tens of thousands of travelers forced to spend hours in transport each day.
The day before, an attempt by the security forces to dislodge them with tear gas was short-circuited, prompting critical comments about a poorly prepared operation that resulted in at least seven deaths. people and some 230 wounded and reinforced the determination of the protesters.
Thousands were protesting at various points in Karachi and Lahore, as well as in many other cities in the country according to the media. Still modest figures throughout Pakistan, but which have only increased since the operation of Saturday.
In the port city of Karachi in the south, police evacuated several sit-ins early Sunday, but seven others were continuing, mobilizing nearly 5,000 protesters, according to local authorities. Same situation in Lahore (north-east), where more than 3,000 demonstrators were gathered Sunday in different points of the city, according to the municipal police.
Called Saturday night by the government to help the authorities to "maintain order in the territory of Islamabad", the powerful Pakistani army has still not expressed publicly, leaving nothing to filter his intentions.
No soldier was visible Sunday at the scene of the protest while law enforcement remained behind, according to an AFP journalist.
The demonstration is led by a little known religious group, Tehreek-i-Labaik Yah Rasool Allah Pakistan (TLYRAP), which demands the resignation of the Minister of Justice, following a controversy over an amendment, finally abandoned that it links to the blasphemy law.
The leaders also seek to recruit other flocks in the name of "the honor of the prophet" Muhammad, the government would flout in their view by trying to dislodge them.

'Extremist attitude'

Riaz Shah, a native of Lahore, joined the ranks of the protest from the first day, November 6th.
"I'm a worker, I do not care if my wife and child are hungry, I do not care if they starve, for me nothing else matters but the honor of my prophet," he says. he asserts that he will not leave until the leaders of the movement have given him the order.
"Unfortunately, everything is the fault of these religious, their extremist attitude," is indignant conversely Maqbool Ahmed, a resident of Islamabad interviewed by AFP.
"They are just not interested in people, some have seen their business ruined, are unable to get to work, to the hospital, to send their children to school," he said.
For the Pakistanis, confusion over the events of the past few days has been heightened by the Saturday's decision by the broadcasting regulator to suspend the broadcast of news channels, which was lifted Sunday at the end of the day. The broadcast resumed immediately. Access to social networks, however, remained disrupted.
All educational institutions, schools or universities of Country, will remain closed Monday and Tuesday "because of the current situation".

'Dangerous people'

This crisis comes at a difficult time for the civil power, a few months after the fall for corruption of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, and a few months of parliamentary elections that are uncertain.
The current government, led by a Sharif loyalist, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has been under fire for several days for its clumsiness and slowness in managing the crisis, perceived as a sign of weakness in extremist movements in full swing.
The protesters are part of the barelvi sect, linked to Sufism, a mystical movement of Islam perceived as moderate.
But the execution last year of one of their members, Mumtaz Qadri, for the assassination of Pundjab Liberal Governor Salman Taseer because of his positions on the blasphemy law, led some of them to adopt a hard line about it.
"These are dangerous people with dangerous opinions, and (their presence) for more than two weeks is at least very disturbing. It says a lot about the influence and impunity enjoyed by religious extremists in Pakistan", said Analyst Michael Kugelman of the Wilson Center in Washington, interviewed by AFP.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

King of Twitter | Top 10 Tweets of "Real Donald Trump" | Back on messages that have shaken the planet and democracy

The tycoon became president continued to use the social network frantically

Donald Trump may not have had the biggest crowd in his nomination, but he has the biggest crowd following him on TwitterWith 42 million followers, he is the world's most popular head of state on the social network. Probably because he tweets wrongly and these little messages give a rather edifying overview of the deep thoughts of the President of the United States.
It usually starts around 6 o'clock in the morning and after a break during the day, it starts again at the end of the evening. Tweets are often unrelated to important topics of the day. Donald Trump seems to react to what he sees on TV that he watches all day long. He also chooses his timing. When he pardoned sheriff Joe Arpaio, a racist and controversial sheriff, he did it just as a hurricane hit Texas. "I thought that the success (of the tweet, Ed) would be much higher than it is normally," he says cynically on his account.
Trump uses Twitter to get lathered, to make his opinions known, and especially to insult his critics. He also uses it to govern, forgetting in passing that the United States is not an absolute monarchy, but a democracy.
For his supporters, this is proof that he is the outsider who attacks the establishment and makes fun of the politically correct. For the president, this is a way to speak directly to his constituents, without the media filter that are all biased, he said. And it does not matter if these messages are very far from the truth, even obvious lies. In contrast, according to a recent poll nearly 70% of voters would like him to tweet less. Given this small anthology, one year after his election, we can only share this opinion.
1      "I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
Trump badly elected? The idea in supports it, hence the idea of ​​massive electoral fraud in favor of Clinton. The president even started a commission on the question ... She did not find anything.
 2     "Terrible! Just discovered that Obama put me on plays at the Trump Tower just before the victory. He found nothing. It's Maccarthyism!"

Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité

Terrible indeed! For never had a president accused his predecessor of having spied on him. All, without any proof. The FBI director at the time denied the information.

3      "James Comey would better hope that there are no recordings of our conversations before he starts to spread himself in the press!"

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
President Trump fired James Comey, the FBI boss, in May in the middle of the investigation into Russian interference in the elections. Which triggered a huge scandal. In a meeting with Russian leaders, Trump will say that he fired him to get rid of "the Russian thing" and that suddenly it limited "the big pressure" that was on him... Well not quite because the dismissal of Comey led to the appointment of Robert Mueller, a special prosecutor.
4   "I heard that Morning Joe at the shabby ratings was hurting me (I'm watching more). How come the crazy Mika with the Psycho Joe came to Mar-a-Lago three nights around the New Year and insisted on being with me. She was all bloody after a facelift. I said no !"

I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don't watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came..
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year's Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
President Trump attacks Mika Brzezinski, a presenter on a MSNBC morning show who criticized him. This is not the first time he has attacked female journalists with very hostile comments.

5          "Just heard the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea speak at the United Nations. If it echoes the thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they will not be there very long!"

Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won't be around much longer!
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
While North Korea has become a nuclear power and directly threatens Japan and South Korea, Trump attacks Kim Jong-un whom he nicknamed "Rocket Man" and threatens to "completely destroy North Korea." Later, while his state sectarian is in Beijing to try to bring China to put pressure on his ally, the president tweets again:
"I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he was wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man. Keep your energy Rex, we will do what it is necessary to do. "
"Being nice to Rocket Man has not worked for 25 years, why would it work now? "
6        "We can not keep FEMA indefinitely, the army and the emergency personnel who have done a fabulous job under harsh conditions in Puerto Rico."

...We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
After the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico, he attacked with a shocking lack of empathy to the mayor who criticized it and attacked the bankrupt island. Forgetting that Puerto Rico is an American territory.
7         "With all the fake news coming from NBC and the other channels, when is it appropriate to question their license?"

With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
It sounds like a call to muzzle the media in a country where freedom of expression is sacrosanct. But it's also impossible, because NBC does not have a license ...

8               "Everyone is wondering why the Justice Department and the FBI are not investigating all the dishonesty of Hillary the Rogue and the Democrats ..."

Everybody is asking why the Justice Department (and FBI) isn't looking into all of the dishonesty going on with Crooked Hillary & the Dems..
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
The message is pressuring the Justice Department to attack a political opponent, including Clinton on the e-mail issue. For the same reason, President Nixon was impeached.
9        "After consultation with my generals and my military experts, be advised that the United States Government will no longer accept ... transgender people in the military."

After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow......
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité

....Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming.....
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialité
The problem is that the Pentagon has not been warned, that Trump has no plan and that, especially, his tweet goes against the words of the lawyers of the administration. At that time, they cleared the file, saying that the file was under consideration and that there might be no prohibition. The presidential tweet creates the biggest confusion. A judge temporarily blocked the decision.

10                What Trump does not tweet is just as interesting.
He did not tweet about the GI case killed in a secret mission in Niger or the California fires that killed 40 people because it is an anti-Trump state. Or on the Muslims who were attacked. When a mosque in Minnesota was bombed in August, the president was away from subscribers.


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