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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bayern-Barcelona l This is the end like Jim Morrison Twilight

Excuse me if this corner not talking about "end of cycle", a term that loses all sense that one day might have given its extreme use in tabernarias gatherings with firebrand and quarrelsome mood. However, the great Barcelona the last five years, the the almighty Messi, that of Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol, the Tito and Guardiola, Laporta and Rosell, yesterday in Munich reached the last stop on a journey. historic All equipment needed always defeats its height to serve as a full stopAs he found Johan Cruyff against Milan in Athens (4-0) or Frank Rijkaard in the hallway of 90 minutes at the Bernabeu (4-1)Falls in which impotence appears as the only link with the harsh reality. Some might in a few days try to hide behind the league title which the pitch takes months exhibiting. Once it became clear that the national competitions in Europe have become mere training grounds for the big teams full of no interest pachangas  -days weekend in which the players say they jugadorazos filler- , are the great mainland squares for viewing the scope of decrepitude. This Barcelona made ​​lately of survival his only reason for being , whereas before it was the game that allowed not only emerge unscathed, but also mark a dividing line impossible to pass on the rest of us. In the League's easy tricking out even without Messi. But one does not realize that the porcelain has given way to the cardboard until it rivals the San Siro Milan, PSG and Bayern will tear the guise of rennet for all remaining air shames the sight of all the world.

The scars had been hiding , perhaps to the belief that perhaps the best team sport has ever produced-both for the beauty of his game as titles-would also be the only one in history to perpetuate his rule. As in football, as in life, nothing ever was eternal. Pep Guardiola last summer fled to avoid reinventing the bitter swill of a team with clear signs of exhaustion, more mental than physical . To find an explanation to the collapse of the Allianz Arena would need to refer decisions-and also not taken-in the last two years. He insisted on not signing a security central to accompany grant allowed Pique and Puyol generational. Managers and technicians said the homegrown trust when, in fact, was chosen travestir who were needed (Mascherano, Busquets, Song, Adriano ...) to protect the cave. All to get to Munich and be forced to face the best offensive squad in Europe with a guy, Marc Bartra, the coaching staff had nixed for three quarters of the seasonThe tremendous physical inferiority Barcelona against Bayern revealed other evidence. Guardiola, Rijkaard or even Cruyff, always had in its ranks a player who could make in the display means force rival in power . The last example is that of Keita , who used to appear on the team in games in which the muscle was necessary to avoid the canvas. This Barcelona and has no parts that profile, perhaps because managers to emulate like Dorian Gray and continue to be good-looking in the mirror as they prepare campaigns and ignore the costumes, perhaps because the technicians thought Alex Song, who missed a minute in Munich, could make important lack .Seeing how Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger and Müller jostled in central Xavi and Sergio Busquets, starving in the season finale, was estremecedo.

Leo Messi, the coaches awarded their full powers in the field, Golden Balls threaded at will. Meanwhile, around, malacostumbraron players to gravitate around a single figure , with the danger that entails. The subsoil is an unpleasant place to live when the sun goes out . The heavy tread of the battered Flea by Bavarian lawn was only the cruel metaphor of a disoriented team without a shepherd. What about the attack that roam the area receiving cheers front run and be killed, but with tremendous difficulty even shot at goal . Do the attackers are also to score goals? That only three sticks of fire between Barcelona in Munich were the central act (Pique and Bartra twice) symbolizes that decompensation. Pedro and Alexis played at the Allianz virtually side, chasing Praise and Lahm as if they were living . When strikers defend more than attack, nothing can go right. The concern is that Barcelona has run out of answers. Jordi Roura confessed to the end of the game they did not know what to do . AndTito Vilanova, which his illness has prevented hard work reinvention realize I had in mind when he assumed leadership of the team, did not change until yesterday its first 83 minutes . When the score stood as 4-0. Neither one tactic that could mutate variant image of the team, not a copyright decision by the bench to put on guard players who are holders of rights.  surprised that Cesc, the that technicians considered as one of the fundamental parts of its network, not to leave the field all night. No penalize sport that football predictability. And Barca team has lost any margin of surpriseTimes arrive propaganda and pyrotechnics, which covers sports dailies come loaded again all those trading cards (starting with Neymar ) that will commanda new wave that will drag the output of a large number of players . A process as traumatic as necessary. What happened in Munich was only the end of the laughter and little lies, the end of the nights we tried to die. The end of a lullaby eternal, beautiful and Twilight like Jim Morrison.


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