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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nadal beat Djokovic after an epic battle

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are measured in the semifinals of Roland Garros, in a match that has become a classic of modern tennis. It is the first time in three years that the Serbian and Spanish are cited in a tennis court without a title dispute directly. clash is also the best player in the world, Djokovic, and fitter player of the moment and the best on clay, Nadal. The party, which normally would have been a final between these two fearsome racket-have played and 16 -, anticipated semifinal because Nadal came to painting as third seed in the tournament. They both want to earn the right to try to enlarge his legend on Sunday, with the Musketeers Cup at stake and the winner of the duel in the other threshold of the final between Spanish David Ferrer and Frenchman Jo-Wilfried TsongaDjokovic seeks the only Grand Slam that resists, and stroked the last year in the final, again against Nadal, who then added seven titles in Paris and surpassed the record of Bjorn Borg SwedishThe semi-finals Serbian twelve chains a "big" and arrives in Paris with a run of 28 wins, 3 losses and 3 titles, including the Australia Open final. "I do not hide that Roland Garros is my main priority," recognized the Slavic before starting his crushing the men's tour, which has felled to Goffin, Guido Pella, Dimitrov, Kohlschreiber and Haas yielding only one set, in the second round. For his part, Nadal added 57 wins and only one defeat at Roland Garros (Robin Soderling, 2009) and attempts to become the first player to score eight titles in the same Grand Slam. And of course, win their twelfth "large" compared to the six titles in the top flight that holds Djokovic. The Belgrade drag an unfavorable part against the Manacor, with 15 wins for Djokovic and Nadal 19 for. However, the Serb scored the last duel between the two, played at the end of the last Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo , also on clay. "The Monte Carlo party gives me a little confidence, but at Roland Garros only lost once in eight years. 'll be a tough game, "he predicted Djokovic, 26, after his move to certify that face semifinal. After a very even start, Nadal Djokovic managed to force errors in the seventh game,when he got break his service and went 4-3 up. Then confirmed the difference with his serve, while the Serbian lost confidence, perhaps complicated by a physical problem after an effort in the sixth game, and had no chance to recover before the end of this partial 6-4. Nadal stretched his domain to get the first break of the boy, putting Nole on the ropes.But it did more than wake the giant , who returned the break and upped the ante in the eighth game, moving to control the pace. In his reaction, accuracy and variety right that Nadal complicated strategy. Was placed 5-3 and then defined the set with another power game that raised the maximum temperature in the center court of Roland Garros. Solid start and Rafa recovery. After holding his serve, made  ​​Nole felt unrewarded effort and lost his in the next game. Service grew Nadal, who won at zero and went 3-0 for most Diferença that has counted in this match either of the two players. The Spanish brought the gap to 5-0 and even had a 0-40 in their favor to close the set sweeping the Serb, but had to wait until the next game to be up 2-1. Resistance to battle another, both with serve to seventh, wherein a break Nadal got a strong base rights. With the score 4-3, the Spanish found the best position to define the meeting. However, the Serb once again reacted at a critical time. Answered with another break andlet things 4-4, Phillippe Chartier popping. After the 5 dolls, Nadal once again showed their resilience in two points that forced a break for 6-5 lead and service. Never closer to victory. But the drama did not end simple: Nadal stung 30-15, but Djokovic took control with his right and generated the climax one more time: 6-6 and tie break. The successful resistance motivated Djokovic, who won the tiebreak 7-3 and the game into a fifth set. And at this stage of the game, with nearly three hours of play, also to the history books. Djokovic, strengthened quickly went to the front with a break over, and although suffered to confirm it, went ahead 2-0 upending spectacular encounter. Fifteen minutes earlier, Nadal pulled out to win. Both managed to hold serve in the siguentes games, although none of them was easy.Anyway, Nadal always did under greater pressure because one slip could cost defnitivamente the game. thus arrived at 4-3 to the Serb. Then came one of the most impressive games.  Having crossed the mark of the four hours of play, Nadal took the rest and forced three breakpoints of Djokovic. One of them came after the Serbian definition network, which could not avoid touching the screen and so missed the point, even though the ball was out of reach of Nadal. The third break was up and things were 4-4.  Fully open, although Rafa soon secured his service and was quickly back up, 5-4 , putting all the pressure on the other side of the net. Djokovic felt it, but after spending 30 to 30 (for the second time Nadal was two points from winning the game), the Serb won 5-5. Nadal also held serve for 6-5. Despite the fatigue, they still had time for luxuries. Nadal won a point after hitting the ball back and between his legs, but failed to prevent Nole equalized at 7. Shortly after, arriving at four hours and 35 minutes, Nadal went into the break 8-7. Upon return, Djokovic threw out a smash at the net and then suffered a passing shot to 0-30. Pressed, he pulled out a right hand and left the way open for the decisive 9-7 Nadal.Final for a awesome party, the longest I've played Rafa at Roland GarrosThe Spanish face compatriot David Ferrer who eliminated French  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-1, 7-6 (3), 6-3 in two hours and four minutes. Ferrer dropped back to the ground after it was confirmed that Paris will host the Spanish final quarter in its history after 1994, 1998 and 2002. "It feels good, really happy to be in the final of Roland Garros is a dream, this is the most important tournament of my life.'m very happy, it's my first Grand Slam final, "said the veteran of 31 years. I have more years, but more experience , "said Ferrer, who in his sixth Grand Slam semifinal managed to make the jump to the end and avoid equal the record of Britain's Tim Henman, six times as semifinalist and never in a final of the four big. I want to enjoy this moment and focus on the final with Rafa, "added Ferrer, fifth in the standings." I'm fine, I'm not tired, and that's important to play the final against Rafael Nadal.'ll try to do my best, I'm sure I'll fight a lot and I hope the audience enjoys our end, "he said.


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