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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas and the five keys to win the Barcelona

1. Cesc Fabregas and Lionel Messi, majestic
The meeting began difficult for the Catalans, no one could guess the outcome. From the first minutes began to see a participatory and Cesc Fàbregas be noticed soon after attending the first goal of the game. David Villa was crowned with the target thanks to Cesc that never stopped looking balls, create danger and destabilize the opponent occupying the inside left position, the rested Andres Iniesta after wear against Celtic this week. Cesc did not settle outstanding attendance and paper, and also made ​​it 4-0 to finish attending Lionel Messi goal in the fifth sentence ending the vicious attack by Barca. Messi was not comfortable in the first half, the defense rayista history was complicated, but goal-hungry Leo never stopped looking for spaces to meet the goal and got it twice, the first assisted by Martin Montoya and after Cesc. Both Rosario like Arenys de Mar make any team a couple who must envy, but beyond that, do you have cleared the doubts about who deserves the Golden Ball?, Yes, Leo Messi.

2. Adriano and Busquets, a new central couple
After the absence of the suspended Mascherano, Tito Vilanova couple opted for a new plant, used by the seventh coach in 14 games. Taking on the bench Bartra, the only central defender by nature, the coach sat in ownership Adriano and Sergio Busquets. The result was good, both central players without being born without much experience at the position, especially Adriano, defended with guts Victor Valdes' goal they had conceded goals in every league but 2 (against Valencia and Granada) . El Rayo Vallecano not think big chances, but Adriano can give the title of "discovery" after seeing his great performance, position he has settled and has defensive problems solved Tito.

3. Víctor Valdés confidence
If someone has been criticized in recent days is the Barca keeper. The fit many goals in the league have questioned their quality but not their lack of concentration due conceding goalkeeper serious errors. Distrust of the goalkeeper has been increasing as time goes on, but last night, the goalkeeper was able to show that you have much to give, after focusing on tackling two shots that seemed Javi Fuego released as an arrow envenedada. Tito Vilanova praised the work of his players after the game and also noted that the Vallecas leave the field without conceding goal is certainly something that will instill confidence and encouragement to the player.

4. This is the club that like
Tito Vilanova had anticipated news conference before the game, that would be a field Vallecas complicated by its size (the fans close to the field) and because the coach Paco Jemez been known to do things very well so far this season. Tito expecting a team that wanted to see face to face, attacking and defending knowing swashbuckling Ruben's goal. It was no surprise to see the Lightning began the meeting, which complicated the Catalans existence during the first 20 minutes until the first goal fell. The Catalans went into the break leading by the minimum and still feeling a little uncomfortable in the field, but never gave up, never stopped kicking and lost my appetite for more. In the second part the Blaugrana began attacking and attacking, so ruthless, the goal had to come and finally got the second thanks to Lionel Messi for Barca but this was not enough, always went back for more and they got it. Martín Montoya overflowing with his band, a well coordinated with Pedro right side and a left side or combined to Jordi Alba, Villa and Cesc. Xavi Hernandez exemplified giving a great match of pinpoint passes and getting accustomed to luxury resorts, but not only that, the recently awarded the Prince of Asturias galarón also scored his goal, a great goal after an assist from Jordi Alba who could visualize that of Terrassa went into in depth in the area. This is the club that the fans wanted to see, the one who always fight and not to suffer in the final minutes to get the results. Being considered the best team in the world, last night the club forcefully and clearly demonstrated why it takes that description.

5. David Villa steals ownership Alexis Sanchez
The MVP (Messi, Villa, Pedro) turned to give results, both excited that lineup before the 'Guaje' was injured, is back. David Villa scored his fourth goal in the league and always asks for more minutes in the team and Tito Vilanova's gradually being given, this time was 62, something that motivates the player to continue giving their best. No doubt he can do the Spaniard, but the problem lies with his partner Alexis Sanchez, who has not yet been released with Spanish goal in the tournament. It warned that the Chilean coach needs a goal to restore confidence, but Alexis is far from scoring, among the failures that have finish when given the chance to do so and also dependency is sinning, as if shaking leg, the 'Boy Wonder' preferred repeatedly giving the ball to Messi or other partner, thus losing their own role. Alexis has it increasingly difficult ...


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