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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apple-Google: war on all fronts

After Twitter last year, Apple has decided to integrate Facebook in the new version of its operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 6.La firm at the apple has also launched a sort of virtual wallet, Passbook, Google Maps and abandoned, in its frontal battle against Google and Android.
Steve Jobs was "ready to go into thermonuclear war against Android "operating system for mobile Google , accusing it of being "a product stolen", a copy of the iPhone, according to his official biographer . Eight months after the death of its founder and guru, Apple goes on the offensive with iOS 6, the new version of the operating system of the iPhone and the iPad, unveiled on Monday night and will be available in fall . The firm at the apple abandons Google Maps in favor of implementation of plans house, launching a kind of virtual wallet that could compete Google Wallet, his vocal assistant Siri muscle to bypass the search engine combines with Facebook , one of the main rivals of the Internet giant. Among others. For all ads from Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, and his team Monday night at the developers conference (WWDC) appear to have been directly brought against Google.
Facebook, Google's nemesis, becomes his greatest ally
After months of standoff, relations between Facebook and Apple now seem set fair. The firm at the apple had slowed the release of the iPad application of social network and Twitter had preferred last year to get it into the iOS5. Finally, given that Google dominates the smartphone market with Android and just hunt on the land of Facebook, with little success to date of hearing, with Google's social network +, the manufacturer of the iPhone and the company of Mark Zuckerberg found an objective interest in collaborating. The Facebook integration into iOS 6 is "unprecedented on mobile device" and "you can identify yourself once and for all since then publish notification center, Siri and the apps that support that Facebook Photos, Safari and Maps" explains Apple. "You can say" I love "from the App Store and iTunes and see what your friends advise" in terms of applications, music, movies or series. Exit therefore Ping , "the social network of music discovery" launched by Apple in September 2010 that never took off, and was initially integrate Facebook . Ping is not yet officially closed but it would be logical that it be completed. For Apple, the Facebook integration will finally turning a "more social" in its ecosystem by introducing the recommendation of friends, which should boost sales of applications and music on iTunes and the App Store. For Facebook, it may finally be a way to monetize its audience on mobile phones . No details have been unveiled on a possible revenue sharing. For Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, Google never ever do such a partnership would conclude that very fact of "the de facto iPhone Facebook phone. "
TomTom to counter Google Maps, Yelp and OpenTable against Zagat
Also closed its ecosystem as it is, Apple develops partnerships to strengthen it. Besides Facebook, and Web Services Chinese Baidu , Sina Weibo, Youku and Toudu specifically for China, the firm at the apple was also associated with the Dutch TomTom, Europe's leading GPS to replace Google Maps in favor of a house application navigation. To complete the proximity search, Apple has partnered with a social network Yelp recommendations of places and criticism, while Google has recently bought the Zagat restaurant guide, now integrated in all its services. The manufacturer of the iPhone has also muscled Siri, his assistant intelligent voice, which avoids using a search engine which can be asked for example to book a restaurant table, in partnership with the U.S. site OpenTable. Apple is also in talks with car manufacturers to integrate Siri and his hands-free operation, "Eyes Free" and interact with the voice only. "Apple not only strengthens the interaction within the ecosystem but also creates a powerful consortium of partners to offer a web experience that goes far beyond the scope of Google" notes the analyst of Piper Jaffray, which is convinced that "Apple will continue to add more content partners in order to marginalize the presence of Google on the iPhone. "The issue is not minor for the Mountain View company: according to this expert, Apple would represent 40% of the turnover of mobile search engine, or about $ 1.6 billion this year , that is to say, about 2% of total revenue for Google.
A first step toward a virtual wallet as Google Wallet
Another promising innovation introduced in IOS 6 is the Passbook, "the easiest way to centralize all tickets, vouchers, whether boarding passes or tickets to a sporting event, "says Apple, but as loyalty cards, discount coupons, etc.. No compatibility with the mobile NFC contactless technology a priori for the moment. Mark Moskowitz of JP Morgan, "Passbook is the precursor of the so-called" iPay "for mobile payment. "But Google has attempted a foray into the mobile payments with Google Wallet, launched last September in the United States, and who struggled to take off. In the eyes of Thomas Husson, Forrester Research, "this is a first step towards a digital wallet. The next iteration of the application could be an integration of the 400 million bank cards registered by Apple. "These 400 million active accounts with bank details of iTunes and the App Store, up 78% over one year is four times more than PayPal, the payment subsidiary of eBay (110 million out of 232 million accounts in total), and more than double that Amazon (173 million). Here also lies the power of the iOS ecosystem. Apple, which takes 30% commission on all purchases in its online store, said he donated $ 5 billion to developers in four years, cumulatively since 2008. This means that the App Store does he reported "only" $ 2.1 billion since its launch in July 2008, when Apple makes about $ 40 billion in revenue in one quarter!
30 billion apps downloaded from the App Store
Tim Cook, the executive director, said device users iOS we downloaded 30 billion applications to date in less than four years, three months after crossing the 25 billion mark .The App Store now has 650,000 applications, of which 225,000 are specific to the iPad, "against a hundred" to the shelves of competition. The team of Apple launched spikes even more direct and Google Android. This weekend, Andy Rubin, the father of the operating system, triumphantly announced that 900,000 Android devices were activated each day.Before his audience of developers, Scott Forstall, the head of IOS, presented a graph showing that 80% of iPhone users were equipped with the latest version iOS 5, against only 7% of the installed base Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the vast majority are still running Version 2.3 (Gingerbread). Often updates to Android are simply not available, not compatible with some earlier generation of smartphones, which is problematic for developers, who complain about the fragmentation of the Google OS (applications can not necessarily run correctly on all models). The war of the two ecosystems is far from over now since it seems highly likely that Apple will release a new iPhone (the "5" may be) in the fall, when the updated IOS is available free for six all iPhone owners (including 3G), iPod Touch and iPad.


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